Terms & Conditions

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Usage Rules :

  • These conditions apply to both hire a full server or reserve space in accordance with the plans in smart2group, or private hosting plan be agreed upon between the parties.
  • The Tenant shall invest reserved space in smart2group’s servers as it seems appropriate, provided that no fraud or deception and swindling.
  • The tenant undertakes not to promote any programs , scripts , movies , audio or anything like that if these materials which is without prejudice to Islamic law or reserved rights to their owners, and if the discovery management for any violation of this kind, will stop the service immediately without permission His offense and demand of the beneficiary transfer its materials to anywhere else .. And does not assume management of smart2group held liable for any damage that may lessee result of this stop.
  • In case of delay in payment of the cost of hosting the 5-day period from the date of maturity will stop the service, and will be returned only when receiving dues in full, and after a month of non-payment are entitled to smart2group deleted the entire website without reference to the client and does not assume smart2group any liability for damages that may occur to the lessee as a result of this stop or deletion.
  • smart2group is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal information about their clients.
  • If you use programs or scripts contain security vulnerabilities that may lead to sabotage or diversion of its materials, smart2group does not assume any liability resulting there from.
  • Support service is confined to the service provided to the customer on hosting or domain name to resolve all the problems faced by the client, but only within the hosting and not the kind of programming used by the client.
  • If you try any beneficiary of the service in espionage or see or use programs from which they can control materials other customers in the smart2group servers service will be stopped immediately and ask him to leave .. Neither smart2group held liable for any damage that may lessee result of this stop.
  • Any material promoted or published in rented spaces lead to withholding smart2group servers at any country will stop customer service immediately, and ask him to leave, and does not bear smart2group held liable for any damages that may occur to the lessee as a result of this stop.
  • smart2group not assume any defect in the sites that will be destroyed by their owners or impenetrable.
  • If the client send emails sporadic and the result will be blocking the server to send SPAM will be suspended from the site immediately and will not be restored until after the pledge of non-repetition.